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Digital Innovation Advisory Services


Helping founders and startup executives fulfill their vision of digitally changing the world

You have an idea that will change the world but don’t know where to start?

Going from an idea to an innovation-driven digital technology product or services firm is a complex undertaking. You may have an incredible idea in your domain expertise, such as healthcare, banking/finance, manufacturing, travel/leisure, consumer goods, or one of the multiple industries currently undergoing digital transformation.

But do you know how to develop and apply for a patent, set up a company, drive product engineering and first viable product development, sales and marketing, operations, customer service, develop a prototype, and more? Even more critical is how are you going to build your team. What skills do you need? Is there a good fit, and how do you onboard?

Good luck if you think you can figure this all out alone! You just added a huge learning curve and delays in getting to the market.

That is where we can help you realize your vision with our customizable innovation commercialization framework.

With over 30 years of experience in digital technology innovation and commercialization, we can take you from where you are at today, and create a planned roadmap for getting to market and succeeding.

Typical Engagement Services


Proprietary Innovation Patent Analysis and Prior Art Review


Competitive Analysis of New Product or Digital Innovation (Features, License, Pricing, Customer Experience)


Develop Commercialization Roadmap for New Innovative Technology


Technology, Marketing, or Sales Partner Review, Ranking, Selection, and Contracting


Quantify and Qualify New Market Opportunites


Digital Technology Investment Analysis and ROI (Tangible and Intangible Values)


New Technology Segment and Vendor Analysis and Recommendation


  • Agile Project/Program/Portfolio Management
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Development Roadmap
  • Enterprise Agility Assessment
  • Customer/Client + Executive + Development Orchestration

My Approach

I have developed a methodology for successful engagement with new clients.

Establishing quality relationships with the Executive Team and Project Team is critical for the success of any engagement. Understanding the current business situation, the existing players, issues and concerns, and priorities and needs is the initial focus of my engagement activities.

The result is a situational assessment and go-forward planning document or slide deck that articulates a clear statement of client priorities and objectives and the work product and schedule for delivery of engagement results. This work scoping is created with close collaboration with the client.

Using portfolio, program, and project management best practices, I provide advisory, product, or market development services in a manner that is transparent and outcome driven.

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