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Agile Digital Transformation


We Will Help You Access, Plan, Implement and Create Business Value


Looking for a different perspective on your business?

Sometimes an outside perspective on your business goals and challenges can help bring new insights into solutions to help drive that change you desire.

With over 30 years of experience in digital technology innovation, product development, product management and marketing, sales channel development, and operations, we can help you get a different take on your current business challenges.

Typical Engagement Services


Board and C-Suite Change Alignment


Quantify and Qualify New Market Opportunites


Digital Technology Investment Analysis and ROI


New Technology Segment and Vendor AnalYsys and Recommendation


Product Portfolio Review and Optimization Recommendations


  • Agile Project/Program/Portfolio Management
  • Marketing Analysis
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Development Roadmap
  • Enterprise Agility Assessment
  • Customer/Client + Executive + Development Orchestration

My Approach

I have developed a methodology for successful engagement with new clients.

Establishing quality relationships with the Executive Team and Project Team is critical for the success of any engagement. Understanding the current business situation, the existing players, issues and concerns, and priorities and needs is the initial focus of my engagement activities.

The result is a situational assessment and go-forward planning document or slide deck that articulates a clear statement of client priorities and objectives and the work product and schedule for delivery of engagement results. This work scoping is created with close collaboration with the client.

Using portfolio, program, and project management best practices, I provide advisory, product, or market development services in a manner that is transparent and outcome driven.

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